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    Post by Coin on Mon Nov 23, 2015 7:45 pm

    Cyan: Warning (compiling)

    Yellow: Temp Ban (no appeal)

    Red: Ban (appealable)

    Orange: Variable (no appeal)

    Forum Rules

    • No (ridiculous) spamming: (Posts must be on topic and somewhat relevant to the discussion, sub-forum, etc.)
    • No flaming: (Insults, racist remarks, harassment, etc. should be kept private. Bullying is not permitted at Elite Ranks.)
    • No advertising external sites: (Other clans, forums, etc.)
    • No unorthodox signatures: This is at the discretion of moderators/admins.
    • No gravedigging: If a thread has been forgotten, it may only be bumped with good reason.
    • No requesting vouches: Members may post a good comment on your application at will. Exchanging vouches is also prohibited.
    • No soliciting money: Begging for or requesting donations is not acceptable.
    • No posting auto-play music: If you wish to put a song in your topic, it must be in a spoiler or in the form of a YouTube video, so the music/video playing is optional to listen to by other users. Songs are not allowed in signatures
    • No excessive bumping:  If you're bumping an application or an old thread, keep it limited to 1 bump per day.
    • Disclosure of others personal info: Do not post other people's IRL pics, skype, facebook, emails, numbers, etc without their permission

    • No pornography, nudity: (If used in signature/avatar, rights will be taken away.)
    • No extra accounts: You may not create an additional account without just reason. (Will result in ban of other accounts)
    • No plagiarism: Stealing other people's work, whether it be GFX, guides, anything.

    • No suspicious links: Phishing and/or hacking will result in a permanent ban.
    • No scamming: Elite Ranks will not tolerate anyone scamming a member within its community, whether it be real or virtual good(s).
    • No sharing accounts.
    • Abide by all real-world laws.
    • No malicious activities: Hacking/ddosing/keyloggers

    • No encouraging rule breaking: Facilitating others to break rules/policies or having knowledge of such occurrences (without acting) is equal in punishment to that of the original perpetrator.
    • No ban evasion: If you are on a temporary or permanent ban, you are prohibited from make an alternate account on which to participate on the forum. (Exception: Ban dispute)

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